Saracen Conditioning Cubes


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Calorie dense cube for optimum topline, muscle tone and stamina

Suitable for:

  • Supporting weight gain for poor doers or those with limited appetites
  • Horses & ponies requiring a feed to support optimum muscle and topline development
  • Horses requiring controlled, slow-release energy for optimum stamina

Features & Benefits:

  • Unique inclusion of Equi-Jewel® to increase the calorie density of the ration and to support lower feeding rates
  • Barley and oat-free formulation to reduce starch content
  • Highly digestible Super-fibres to provide “controlled” energy release and support a healthy digestive system
  • Contains high quality protein sources for muscle repair & development. Muscle tone & topline development  is optimized when the feed is used in conjunction with an appropriate exercise program
  • Added soya oil to support coat and skin condition
  • Fully fortified with vitamins, minerals and trace elements

20kg bags

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Weight 20 kg


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