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Net-Tex Seven Day Mud Away


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Net-Tex Seven Day Mud Away
Seven Day Mud Away is a unique product that prevents mud build-up to all areas of the horse (mane, tail, legs and body). It dramatically saves grooming time, particularly during wet weather and can be used throughout the year to stop mud from balling up and sticking to feathers, manes and tails. Application is required just once a week, allowing more time riding and less time grooming.
When to use Seven Day Mud Away
•When horses are turned out in wet and muddy conditions
•Before turnout to reduce grooming time
•During winter months to reduce hosing of muddy legs
•After removing rugs after long periods when horses want to roll
•Before outdoor competitions after rainfall
•Before hacking out on muddy bridle paths
What Types of horses can Seven Day Mud Away be used on?
•Show horses and ponies
•Show jumpers
•Race horses
•Leisure riders
•Horses and ponies with thick coats, feathers, manes and tails
What are the benefits of using Seven Day Mud Away?
•Reduces grooming time by keeping tails tangle free
•Keeps coats and legs mud free with easy brushing
•Reduces bathing time, particularly in winter
•Cuts down the need for hosing legs in winter with cold icy water
•Prevents mud related conditions such as Mud Fever
•Prevents unnecessary clipping to make winter grooming manageable
How often should Seven Day Mud Away be used?
•Once every seven days, depending on thickness of coat, manes, tails and feathers and the weather conditions
What health problems can using Seven Day Mud Away prevent?
•Can help prevent the onset of Mud fever by helping keep legs dry
Size: 500ml

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