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Global Herbs Mite Spray – for the house


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This Mite Spray is a strong concentrated mix of plants that works on red mites that live in the crevices of your chicken house and feed on your birds at night.  The spray can also be used for mites that may live on your bird’s legs. This formulation is designed to spray daily in the coop. Best administered to the joints and crevices at the end of the day.
Make sure you clean your poultry house at least once a week to keep viruses and mite problems under control. Chickens can be sensitive to dust so always use a good quality straw in the nest box (not hay) and dust free shavings on the floor when you clean the house out.  It is advised to use an anti mite product as well as a good disinfectant when cleaning the poultry house to ensure it is a healthy environment for the birds to live in.
Size: 500ml

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