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Global Herbs Laminitis Prone Supplement

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Laminitis prone horses are a great drain on your pocket and your emotions. LPS is so effective that with the right advice from our helpline and your vet we know that you can be really safe when you feed this product. Our approach is all about supporting the digestion and the key to helping your horse is getting the digestion perfect.  All concerns related to grass are caused by inadequate digestion or ‘indigestion’.

Laminitis Prone Supplement (LPS) is a traditional and nutritional aid for the management of the laminae in susceptible horses. As a liver tonic LPS helps horses digest their food better and supports the liver in its function of detoxifying the body. Almost all laminitis is caused by incomplete digestion of food in the hind gut. This poor digestion results in the release of acids and toxins into the blood which damage the blood vessels that supply the sensitive laminae in the feet. Cut the cycle with LPS – easily and safely.

CUSHINGS HORSES: An increasing number of horses with Laminitis are now suffering from Cushings syndrome – a hormonally linked problem. If you suspect that your horse may have such a condition ask your vets advice. We have a Cushings disease information sheet should you like more information.

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