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Global Herbs Gut Support 1kg


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Gut Support is a sophisticated pre+pro biotic herbal supplement which encourages healthy digestion, normal droppings and appetite. This unique formula is quick-acting and helps to maintain the balance of good and bad bacteria necessary in the bowels. Aids digestion and appetite plus supports the gut environment for digestion and absorption to take place. A normal, healthy gut is so important for overall vitality and fitness, keep an eye on your horses appetite and droppings as an indicator to gut health.

Gut Support is a concentrated formula that can be fed routinely everyday or when your horse needs that extra support with any lifestyle change.

If you suspect your horse has colic always contact your vet.


  • Targets digestive health, appetite and feed utilisation
  • Aids absorption of nutrients
  • Ginger to soothe the digestive system
  • Helps maintain the level of good bacteria
  • Better gut health leads to better overall wellbeing

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