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Global Herbs Flyfree

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The one and only anti-fly feed supplement
Saves time, effort and money and helps your horse have a wonderful and enjoyable summer.

Flyfree provides a traditional, unique and powerful way to help horses tolerate flies. The plants in flyfree are digested and pass through to the skin where they make life much more comfortable for your horse. Gone are the days when all the choice you have is to use sprays and nasty chemicals. Such products can be quite toxic and in the long term dangerous to perfect health and skin condition.

Not only does FlyFree help your horse cope with flies but it also helps with general skin condition, helps keeps the breathing clear and soothes membranes around the nose and eyes. You will find that FlyFree makes your horse ‘gleam’. He or she will stand out as having excellent coat condition.

The taste of FlyFree is quite strong. However many horses love it. Introduce it very gradually into your horse’s feed and get a sample from your shop or direct from us if you are not sure of the palatability. Use with FlaxOil and GlobalVite for an even better action. This will help the hair grow quickly and become strong. Bite cream or Itch cream can be used to sort out fly bites and itchy areas.

Size: 500g, 1kg

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