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Dodson & Horrell Staypower Cubes


Sold out!


A slow release energy source to help enhance stamina and performance.

With a unique formulation of high fibre, micromanaged cereals and high oil, Staypower Cubes are perfect for providing a controlled and slow releasing fuel, even for horses with sensitive digestive systems.

Staypower Cubes are ideal for excitable or ‘fizzy’ horses, or those with sensitive digestive systems.

Ideal for eventers, endurance horses and those requiring stamina.

Provides a blend of antioxidants and over 25 vitamins and chelated minerals to support muscular, hoof, coat, immune and joint health.

Promotes post-work recovery and hydration due to our leading recovery package of micromanaged cooked cereals and electrolytes.

Added L-Lysine for muscle development and maintenance.

Suitable for excitable or fizzy horses and ponies.

Developed alongside years of research into performance horse nutrition.

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