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Bed Down Excel


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Developed to utilise the advantages of both straw drainage and durability and softwood shavings absorbency in one easy to use product.  Bed-Down Excel spreads up to 1/3rd further than an equivalent size bale of softwood shavings and by chopping the wheat straw it is easier to use than traditional baled long straw.  This makes Bed-Down Excel warm, durable and comfortable bedding for your horse and great value for you.  As Bed-Down Excel undergoes a comprehensive dust extraction process you can be sure that bale after bale is clean and consistent as well as being suitable for horses that suffer from respiratory disorders.  A pleasant lemon fragrance is added as standard to act as an effective unappetiser and to help to keep the stable fresh.
Bed-Down Excel is also great for poultry and game birds.

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Weight 20 kg

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